Training Courses

Silver Bullet Solutions (SBS) provides a wide-range of training courses for civilians and law enforcement.  We offer basic and advanced firearms training for beginners and experienced shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement investigative and tactical courses, as well as self-awareness and child safety courses for private civilians, including mothers, fathers and/or legal guardians, caretakers, school officials, places of worship employees and members, etc. Our instructors are former law enforcement and/or military professionals, as well as martial arts instructors with years of professional experience in the subjects they teach.

Civilian Courses*

Firearm Courses
Firearms Instruction & Safety Training (4 Hrs./$75.00) - (CCW Course)
Handgun Marksmanship Fundamentals (4 Hrs./$125.00)
Handgun Handling (4 Hrs./$125.00)
Tactical Handgun Shooting (6 Hrs./$150.00)
Live Fire Shoot/Don’t Shoot (6 Hrs./$150.00)
Scenario Roleplay Shoot/Don’t Shoot - (No real weapons) (6 Hrs./$150.00) - (No Live Fire)
Concealed Carry Options & Shooting (4 Hrs./$125.00 or 6 Hrs./$150.00)
Low Light/No Light Shooting (4 Hrs./$125.00)
Basic Shotgun (3 Hrs./$100.00)
Safety & Situational Awareness Courses
Child Safety For Kids (6 Hrs./$25.00)
Teen Safety (6 Hrs./$35.00)
Child Safety For Adults (6 Hrs./$50.00)
Family Home & Outdoor Safety (6 Hrs./$35.00)
Situational Awareness & Self-Defense Mindset (4 Hrs./$85.00)
Simple Basic Defensive Tactics (4 Hrs./$125.00)
Active Shooter/Killer Survival (4 Hrs./$100.00 or 8 Hrs./$150.00)

Law Enforcement*

Training Courses

Silver Bullet Solutions (SBS) can custom design courses to fit the needs of our clients. We can take one of our existing courses and modify it, or design a totally new course to suite our customers’ specifications for their organizations’ employees/members.

*Note: Per Diem expenses will be added to both civilian and law enforcement courses should out of area instructor travel expenses apply. Also, students are responsible for all range fees and ammunition necessary to participate in the respective firearms course(s) of their choice.

Method of Payment

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Refund Policy

The deposit and/or course fees are 100% refundable if the class is cancelled for any reason by Silver Bullet Solutions. However, if the student desires to cancel, it must be done within seven (7) business days prior to the class date to receive a full refund.


Purchase Order Instructions

If you are a government agency or an organization that requires a Purchase Order, please send it to so we can properly invoice you.


Payment Information

Please indicate on the Class Registration Form your method of payment. We accept cash, checks and money

orders. Please make all checks and money orders payable to Silver Bullet Solutions, LLC.


Silver Bullet Solutions, LLC Mailing Address: 6919 West Broward Blvd. # 196, Plantation, FL 33317